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The Ultimate Skincare Guide for Runners

Running is your passion, your prescription, and your therapy. But could it be harming your skin? We'll teach you how to prevent and treat premature aging and damage caused by long workouts out in the sun.

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We'll help you meet your skincare needs.

Aside from expert advice from fellow runners, we've also got sunscreens, cleansing pads, and healing serums and moisturizers, specially designed for runners and other outdoor athletes. Because you should never have to sacrifice your skin health for your sport.

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Don't Let Running Age Your Skin:
Learn How You Can Prevent & Treat The Damage

Running obviously has several health benefits. But like any sport, it can be hard on your body if you don't put as much effort into recovery and self-care as you do into training.

Although a healthy, active lifestyle is a great way to keep your skin (along with the rest of your body) looking great, more is not necessarily better. When training for a marathon or ultra that will take hours to run, there is substantial stress placed on your body. That physical stress is unavoidable; it's the constant stress of training that forces your body to adapt and be able to perform incredible feats of endurance. But if you are regularly running for 90 minutes or more, the oxidative stress will likely start to cause some breakdown of the collagen in your skin, which can decrease elasticity and result in sagging (the sagging is not caused, as it is sometimes said, simply by the “bouncy" motion inherent in running…but that probably doesn't help any, either).

The other major cause of damage and premature aging in runners is the exposure to the elements. Sun damage can be difficult to avoid, and sweating can exacerbate it. Intense cold is also particularly unfriendly to any exposed skin.

So how can you run marathons without prematurely aging yourself?

Obviously, sunscreen is necessary. An oil-free, high-SPF, broad spectrum sunscreen specifically designed for your face, such as our Runner Rx Daily SPF55 Moisturizer, is essential. If you're running an ultra, I'd recommend putting this in your pack so that you can reapply at least once over the course of the race to ensure that you don't sweat away all your protection. A hat to shade your face will help as well.

Care should also be taken to avoid dehydration, as dehydrated skin is not happy skin. Always carry adequate water with you on long runs, and use a moisturizer more often when in the midst of intense training.

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Learn how to protect your skin and stay glowing with our Free Ultimate Guide to Skincare for Runners.