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  • Refresh Post-workout Shower Scrub
    $15.50 $10.00

    Refresh Post-workout Shower Scrub will cleanse, moisturize and make you feel fresh and clean again without being harsh or over-drying. This creamy and rich body wash leaves your skin moisturized after just one wash.  Made with coconut milk and coconut oil which both have natural moisturizing properties that will leave your skin soft and smooth, and loaded with jojoba beads to gently exfoliate and soften.

  • The Magic Healing Stick
    $15.00 $10.00

    Handmade from natural ingredients like premium Canadian Gold beeswax, mango butter, calendula infused oil, and aloe, the magic healing stick glides on smooth and immediately starts working to soothe and heal. Small enough to toss in your pack when you hit the trails.

  • Good Morning Daily Facial Scrub & Exfoliant
    $18.50 $15.00

    Specially formulated for all skin types, this facial scrub will cleanse and tone your skin leaving it feeling soft and refreshed. It is absolutely loaded with apricot shell granules to gently exfoliate and soften, and is infused with Orange essential oil which has been shown to increase the skin’s ability to absorb vitamin C, and aid in collagen production and blood flow, all of which are essential for anti-aging.

  • Fresh Face Post-Workout Cleansing Pads
    $55.00 $32.00

    Sweat and grime left on your face after a run or workout can trigger breakouts of acne and miliaria (a blistering rash) and generally leave you looking and feeling less than glowing. Runners and athletes need gentle cleansing and exfoliation right at the finish line.

    These easy to use acne clearing pads are designed to exfoliate the skin to prevent breakouts without dryness or irritation. Throw them in your pack or gym bag for a quick clean up after your run, hike, or workout. Great for back and body acne!

    Size: 60 pads